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Apple Mail Tutorial

  1. In Apple Mail, create a dummy signature - any content will do.
  2. Close Apple Mail.
  3. In Finder, navigate to ~/Library/Mail/V4/MailData/Signatures/ (you may need to use cmd+shift+g and then "~" to get to the Library Folder as it's hidden by default).
  4. In a text editing program (TextEdit for example, not Word or Pages) open the recently created file for editing - the file name will be a long string of characters and not something that will make a whole lot of sense - If there are a few files, it will most likely be the latest one.
  5. Generate your signature using the above tool and copy the entire HTML Code that is generated - Paste this, overwriting the old content of the open signature file.
  6. Save the file and exit the text editor.
  7. Still in finder, right click on the edited file and choose "Get Info" - Under General check the "Locked" option.
  8. All done, the signature should be waiting for you when you reopen Apple Mail.